FFL Transfer Policy

Looking to order something from GunBroker.com or another gun dealer? You will need to have the firearm transferred using an Federal Firearms Licensed dealer.

For gun transfers inbound to Drye's Gun Shop

Firearms are accepted from dealers, manufacturers, importers or an individual upon receipt of proper identification.

The cost of a transfer is $50.00 (Cash Only) per gun.
Outgoing or Incoming

Once you have selected the gun you wish to acquire, come in to our store with the address of the other dealer and the type of firearm. At that time you will complete the ATF Form 4473 and pay the transfer fee.

A valid NC pistol permit or NC concealed carry permit is required for handguns.

Long Guns:
A background check or NC concealed carry permit is required for long guns.

You must pay for the gun and shipping (COD shipments will be refused).

You cannot pick up your transferred firearm until you have either a valid handgun purchase permit (for handguns), passed an ATF background check at the shop (for long guns), or with a valid NC Conceal Carry Handgun permit.

  • We will send our FFL to the other dealer.
  • Once the gun arrives you will be contacted to retrieve it and pay the balance.
  • There is no warranty on transferred guns. If you have a problem with it, that is between you and the dealer/individual you purchased it from. Drye's Gun Shop is not responsible for any issues with your transferred firearm.